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    Back Link

    Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page.

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    SEO, Page Rank, Deep Linking, Linkage

    Back Links

    A back link is the term used SEO as a jargon to refer to the links pointing to a website from another external page. Back links are the links that a website receives from other pages. The numbers of back links or external links are important for positioning in search engines and are indicative of the popularity or importance of a web. It is expected that the more incoming links the better the web page is positioned in search engine. Other names for back links are incoming links, inbound links, inlinks and inward links.

    Both the Google Page rank and other search engines are based on the set of back links of a URL to give value and significance. The more back links a web page has; a better or more pages will behave in searches provided that back links are not penalized.

    The Value of a Back link in Google depends on several factors including semantic (thematic relationship between the two sites, hilltop or factor), an old link (usually the more old link more confidence in the search), etc. The process of getting links to a website is called linkBuilding.

    To be on the top of any search engine like Google and Yahoo without paying much money on advertisement the website has to have a large number of back links. The extra recognized, high quality and high Page Rank the website has the more power it will provide the linked website in its search engine positioning.

    There are many ways for webmasters to get high quality back links. This can be done by writing and submitting articles, forums posting, blog comment posting, press release and many more. Some webmaster submits their website to various Internet directories. One of the best directories that have an outstanding reputation called DMOZ or Open Directory. The websites contained in this directory are placed by editor’s .The only problem with this directory is that it takes very long time period to include a website into its directory.

    Social Bookmarking of a website is another way that people use to build back links to their websites. The Social Bookmarks site is usually a kind of community which has a number of groups to make a network on the internet. To do social book marking users simply sign up and create profiles on the sites. With the arrival of what is recognized as Web 2.0, obtaining back links is easier in the history of the internet. In this readers can often sign in and create profiles. Then they are allowed to post comments on the stories or articles on the website or blog. In a lot of cases, the website or blog holder responds to these comments and thus making this comment posting on the blog like a conversation.

    Back linking approach can be easy and fun for the website owner because through this they can learn new things, convene new people, and have a wonderful amount of fun doing called building backlinks.



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