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    You cannot ignore the impact of technology in the business world. Advanced technologies and the internet have slowly created an alternative market for enterprises. Companies that fail to adopt technology in their operations have paid a high price. Some have failed to recover from losses and the stiff competition posed by enterprises operating purely online. The internet has made it possible for small-scale businesses to compete with established corporations. With the right digital advertising resources, they can boost their revenue and profits. However, to operate online, web hosting services are unavoidable. Remember your web host can affect the growth and stability of your business. So, you ought to be very cautious when making a choice.

    Absolute Ranking is an Indian-based company that renders digital advertising solutions and secures hosting services. From the company’s inception, we have strived to form an atmosphere that fosters the growth of online businesses. While delivering quality domain hosting services, we look forward to becoming an authority in the industry. Fortunately, we are slowly gaining the trust of most online users. Every year, we get new clients interested in our digital solutions and hosting services.

    Today, we have cultivated worthwhile relationships with our customers. That is because they have realized our reliability is the backbone for their enterprises’ success. We have built an exceptional reputation for delivering brilliant and dynamic solutions. That has made us the best web hosting company in the region. Irrespective of your company’s unique needs, we can get effective solutions for you. Listed are some of the things we offer website owners:

    • Unlimited Plans – We know creating and managing a website requires space. So, we have unlimited plans for interested clients. They will enjoy more space, storage and bandwidth required by their website per time. Our plan is highly beneficial, especially for fast-growing businesses.
    • Quality Training – We also offer training for customers interested in managing their hosted site. This is essential as it gives them control to solve simple technical problems.
    • Customer Support – Our customers never walk alone. We are always committed to ensuring their website is functioning effectively. We render 24/7 customer support services. Irrespective of the technical problem, you can expect a quick fix from our exceptional technicians.
    • Additional Services – We also provide various additional services that guarantee quality for clients. For instance, we regularly update the server software, back up the data and fix bugs. That gives us an opportunity to prevent clients from wasting their precious time on website maintenance.

    By obtaining our web hosting services, you will save more money. Buying, setting up and maintaining a server is not cheap. Apart from acquiring the costly hardware and software, you will employ technicians too. The general cost of investing and operating a server can culminate in losses for your business. Absolute Ranking protects most small and medium enterprises from these unnecessary costs. Our hosting services require the clients to pay for an affordable plan. They will not be responsible for buying, servicing or upgrading the server. We offer a less stressful option for interested persons.

    While providing the best-dedicated server hosting services, we also protect the hosted websites from cyber-attacks. Web attacks have escalated by 300% because of the continuous spread of COVID 19. As people switch to the internet for solutions, hackers are looking for ways to steal from them. We are always above such schemes by regularly upgrading our servers’ security systems. Our technicians strictly secure customers’ data and maintain their brand’s image. That has made us a trustworthy web host.

    We strive to ensure people visiting your website have the best browsing experience. We look for ways to reduce downtime and increase uptime. We have backup generators to keep servers running in case there is a power outage. Our staff monitors the servers to ensure they are running effectively. We also service the hardware regularly to avoid breakdowns.

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