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    Reciprocal Link


    An agreement between two websites to provide links to each others sites. It can provide visitors with links to other sites of a similar topic. Search engines take the amount of incoming links into consideration when ranking your site.

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    Reciprocal Link

    A reciprocal link is a joint link between two websites to make sure of mutual traffic. These links are arranged when two web sites have mutual agreement to link to each other. Reciprocal links are also called link partners, link swaps, and link exchanges.

    Types of linking

    There are three types of linking

    • One Way Linking: It is a hyperlink that link to a website without having any reciprocal link hence called one way linking. It is a natural link in the eye of all search engines.
    • Two Way Linking: This is also called link exchange in which two websites exchange there links for mutual benefits.
    • Three Way Linking: (site A => site B => site C => site A) .The effort of this type of link building method is to create more “natural” links in the eyes of search engines.
    Benefits of Reciprocal Linking:

    These reciprocal links help websites in two ways:

    • This link helps in increasing traffic of website by the people who click on the links.
    • Reciprocal links also play a vital role in increasing website’s rankings in search engines.
    How to set up reciprocal links
    • The first thing in reciprocal link building is to find good quality and complementary sites.
    • After finding relevant website the second thing is to place a link to them on your website.
    • When you’ve placed a link to them just email to the owner of the website a friendly note by addressing him or her by name and if the name is not present on the site find it by using domain tool.
    • In the mail genuinely you have to praise something on the site and if you do not find something worth praising just delete the site from your list.
    • You have to inform the web site owner that you have linked to their site and give them the URL of the page where you’ve placed your link.
    • Ask them for a link back to your site and also suggest a page where the link would be appropriate.
    • After three weeks later if the website owner does not reply just send a brief and polite reminder because it is easy for emails to be lost or overlooked by?
    • The webmaster has to keep an alphabetical record of sites which he has linked to and requested links from other website. And he must be aware who he has contacted and whom nots.

    Hence, a reciprocal link is an agreement between two webmasters of a company to offer a hyperlink within their own websites which help them to boost up their traffic.



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