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    Open Directory Project

    The Open Directory Project (ODP), also known as dmoz.The largest human edited directory on the internet. Google and thousands of other websites are using its data throughout the web.

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    Open Directory Project

    Open Directory Project (ODP) commonly known as Dmoz. The name is derived from This is a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links owned by Netscape. It is constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors.

    Dmoz/ODP is the most comprehensive directory that is human-reviewed of the web world.
    A web directory is something similar to a huge reference library or in other words it is hierarchically arranged by subject – from broad to specific.

    Some Don’ts of Dmoz:
    • Minor sites are not accepted by Dmoz. Mirror sites are those that contain identical content, but have different URLs.
    • URLs containing same or similar content as other sites may have listed in the directory. Websites that includes overlapping and repetitive content are not helpful to users of the directory. Submitting multiple times the same or related sites may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated sites.
    • Disguised submission of same URL more than once is not accepted.
    • Submission of any site with an address that redirects to another address is not accepted.
    • Open Directory has a policy against the inclusion of sites with illegal content.
    • WebSites “under construction.” are not accepted.
    • Pornographic site should be under appropriate category i.e. under Adult.
    • Non-English sites should be under appropriate category i.e. Under World.
    • Submitting sites consisting largely of affiliate links are also not accepted.

    Open Directory follows in the footsteps of some of the most important editor/contributor projects of the 20th century, in a similar fashion as the Oxford English Dictionary became the definitive word on words through the efforts of volunteers. Moreover, the Open Directory follows in its footsteps to become the definitive catalog of the Web.
    It is the only major directory that is 100% free.

    Dmoz/ODP powers the core directory services for the Web’s largest and most popular search engines and portals, including Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google,LycosHotBotDirectHit, and hundreds of others.

    How to join Dmoz/ Open Directory Project:

    This is simple and a 2 step procedure.

    • Step 1 is to find a category that you would like to maintain.
    • Step2 is to follow the Become an Editor link at the top of the category page.
    How data is made available by Dmoz/ODP:

    Dmoz/ODP data is made available through an RDF-like (Resource Description Framework) dump that is published on a dedicated download server where an archive of previous versions is also available. Usually new versions are generated weekly.


    Under the terms of the Open Directory License ODP data is made available for open content distribution, which requires a specific ODP attribution table on every Web page that uses the data.

    Search Software

    Dmoz/ODPSearch software is a derivative version of Isearch which is open source, licensed under the Mozilla Public License.

    Bug tracking

    Bug tracking software used by the ODP is Bugzilla and the web server Apache.

    Editor Forums

    ODP Editor Forums were originally run on software that were based on the proprietary Ultimate Bulletin Board system. However, in June 2003, they switched to the open source phpBB system. Since 2007, these forums are powered by a modified version of phpBB.



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