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    Natural oneway links


    Natural linking refers to a pattern of visible, prominent, naturally occurring links that are the result of website content creators trying to add value to their website.

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    Natural oneway links

    Natural linking is a connection from one Web resource to other. Every link has two ends called anchors and a direction. The link begins at the source anchor and positions at the destination anchor. It can be any Web resource for example an image, a video clip, a program, a sound bite, an HTML document, an element within an HTML document, etc.
    When building links you should always be careful not to represent unnatural link behavior.

    Characteristic of Natural Linking

    Many link builders believe that the more keyword rich anchor text links to the target page the better is the trafficking. This is a wrong concept because when a site acquires links naturally they have little control over where the external site links to. This is similar for the anchor text of natural links i.e. the webmaster has little power of the anchor text of inbound links. If he builds high volumes of inbound links with copied anchor text, then he may be signaling to the search engines that there is an unnatural linking activity. Naturally, it would be madness not to use keywords in the anchor text of inbounds links, but to avoid generating filters one should use variations of the keywords.

    Balancing the Equation

    There are lots of ways in which one can acquire links including Blogs, reciprocal links, forum signatures, directories, press releases, articles, link worthy content, site-widest, buying links and social media marketing and many more. It is very much likely that a website with convincing content will acquire links from a variety of these sources. It will have press releases broadcasting new content, articles examining the site, listings in trusted directories and discussing the site in Blogs and forums.

    A site that acquires links unusually may have a high proportion of links from article resource boxes or reciprocating sites. To avoid being picked, the site has inbound links from as many different types of source as possible.
    Many SEO companies have approach up with link building techniques to place their client’s websites in Google’s ranking. Google’s unique algorithm is being influenced by all these techniques and many high ranking sites are often immaterial and unimportant. However, the Google keeps fighting back. Google has become dexterities at detecting un-natural linking patterns.



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