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    Invisible Web

    A technique for wrapping an image around an object. Image mapping is perfect for coloring an object when the standard fare of pigments doesn’t contain exactly what you need.

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    Invisible web

    Invisible web is a massive storehouse of online data which the search engines don’t detain. This is because the information is buried in databases and other research resources. These databases are searchable and accessible through online, but generally ignored by traditional search engines. These buried databases are known in the research sphere as the invisible, deep or hidden web. The buried content is probably 500 times larger than the surface Web. This collection of information represents a strong research resource no matter what your discipline or interest.

    The invisible web is also called deep Web, Deepnet, dark Web or the hidden Web. This invisible web refers to World Wide Web content which is not the part of the surface Web and this is indexed by standard search engines.

    Searching on the Internet today is just like searching a pin in the ocean. We can find a great content on the net which may be informative, but this wealth of information is very deep and therefore missed. The majority of the Web’s information is covered far down on vigorously generated sites and this is not found by standard search engines. Conventional search engines cannot “observe” or recover content in the deep Web – those pages do not exist until they are created dynamically as the result of a specific search. The deep Web or invisible web is very larger than the surface web.

    Why Is It Called the Invisible Web

    Spiders or crawler roam throughout the Web and index the addresses of pages they find. While these software programs (spider or crawler) run or crawl into a page from the Invisible Web it is not defined to them what to do with the data. They just record the address and do not have information that what information the page contains. This is because of some technical barriers or some site owner wants to exclude their pages from search engine spiders. Other factors are that some university library sites require passwords to access their information and it will not be included in search engine results, as well as script-based pages that are not easily read by search engine spiders.

    Importance of Invisible web

    Many of us think that it is very easy to find anything on the net. However, perhaps it would not be easier to just stick with what we can find with Google or Yahoo. Perhaps, it’s not for all time easy to find what we are looking for with a search engine, chiefly if looking for something complicated or incomprehensible. It is not always true that we just walk in the front door and immediately find information on the search query. We might have to dig for it. And this is where search engines are not helpful for us but, with Invisible Web you can find anything easily and quickly.

    Way to use Invisible web
    • Direct Search
    • Invisible Web Directory
    • Resource Discovery Network
    • InfoMine
    • Virtual Library
    • Direct Search is one of the best way to search informative site
    • Another high-quality resource is the Invisible Web Directory. This is a searchable directory databases which is organized by subject.
    • The Resource Discovery Network is mainly from the United Kingdom and is very well-organized.
    • InfoMine, this is an unbelievable resource and contain 100,000 links
    • Virtual Library, this is simple and easy to use



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