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    Excite is the leading personalization Web portal, featuring world-class search, content and functionality.

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    Excite search engine and Web portal

    Excite is one of the well known web portals founded in 1994 as Architext by Graham Spencer, Joe Kraus, Mark Van Haren, Ryan McIntyre, Ben Lutch and Martin Reinfried, who were all students at Stanford University. Later, Excite merged with @Home and became one of the largest mergers of two Internet companies ever before. In March 2004 it was acquired by Ask Jeeves.

    Excite was the first search engine to go beyond keywords and introduce concept based searching to the web, opened its virtual doors to the public seven years ago.

    Some facts of Excite search engine:
    • You must submit EACH page as Excite, will only index your root domain page, example. Index.htm page.
    • It takes about two weeks to index a page.
    • It recognizes and supports META tags.
    • Searches case sensitive not case sensitive.
    • A spider index the site.
    • Page popularity is a factor.
    • No alphabetical ranking is used.
    • Keyword weight plays an important role.
    • Title tag is considered for relevancy.
    • Prominence of keywords in title tag is important.
    • Frequency of keywords in title tag is important.
    • Comment tag is considered for relevancy.

    Recently new Excite MIX with personalized homepage feature was launched. Redesigned web portal shows users how to make the most of RSS and to receive real-time content from their favorite sites. That is anyone can create a personalized homepage by integrating their favorite content from the web via RSS feeds as well as receive the latest news from preferred sites in real time. Now Excite users also have access to a new shopping comparison service as well as an improved mail system – Excite Mail – which includes pod casting as well as options that allow you to increase your storage space. Excite is also making job hunting easier than ever: the web portal has just teamed up with Work circle to launch its job search engine. New users access to over 200,000 UK jobs on the Workcircle network.

    According to some expert’s comments, the main focus of Excites is to offer the good portal site with a lot of news, shopping mall, useful tools and so on, but in terms of search engines, nothing is special at Excite.

    Some have the opinion that Excite Search is very friendly with those who have the enough budgets to advertise their own web sites. In other words, even if you make nice revealing web site you should pay some cost to be indexed at Excite Search. This is useful only if the web site owner is a company. However, this feature is not perfect for the non-profit sites and the personal sites.



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