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    Deep linking


    Linking to a web page other than a site’s home page

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    SEO, Page Rank, Deep Linking, Linkage

    Deep Linking

    Deep links are links from one page to another in your site or links from other sites to pages other than your homepage.
    Deep linking on the World Wide Web is building a hyperlink that points to a specific page or image on another website, instead of that website’s main or home page, such links are called deep links.

    Deep link can be defined as a link from one website to another that bypasses the second website’s home page and takes the user directly to an internal page on the site. For example, a deep link from MSN might take the user directly to a news article on a news site instead of linking to the home page of the site.

    Deep linking is an important strategy in SEO. The ratios of the number of deep links to non optimized links are a fundamental mathematical equation that determines the percentage of inbound links from other sites and ads in defining important pages to search engines.

    Getting traffic can be through building multiple links to pages other than your home page known as deep linking or deep links. Using deep links you are passing on essential ranking potential to the site which eventually transcends where the link is directed and flows link weight back to the home page.

    While linking is a key to success in the SEO world, deep linking is what will set you apart from your competitors.

    Many library web-pages contain links to other websites. Librarians often want to deep link into a site rather than including directions on the library’s web page on how to navigate to the appropriate item. Not only does a deep link get the user of the library’s web page to the precise place on the web but it also saves the user’s time. The deep link may also make it more obvious to the user why the link is included as opposed to a link to the first page.

    Deep links whether legal or illegal is a matter of controversy. Mixed views are seen among web masters regarding this topic. As many would have to close and even Google would have to drastically change the way it operates. The Web would almost become much more difficult to use and less proficient place.

    Deep linking copyright disputes has been increasingly rare on the Web, the reason is that most people are simply happy to have others link to their site with specific page being an unimportant question. In many countries deep linking is considered as legal where as in many it is a matter of still a discussion.



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