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    Business to Business : Business that sells products or provides services to other businesses.

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    Business to Business or B2B Lead Generation Process

    Now with business to business or B2B lead generation procedure you can reach the horizon of your respective online businesses. It is alright if you do not have enough money to lavishly spend on the prominent advertisement projects then you can take up B2B for doing advertisement with zero investment.

    Whether, you agree or not business is all about earning money. It holds the banality for both online and offline businesses. Traditionally we have been using different kinds of marketing tools and techniques for generating sales. Offline business is much simpler, but it has got multiple of obstacles. Online business is now the talk of the town as you can take off the shutter of your online store in the virtual world. Even the online business owners are using the latest means of generating sales or business leads.

    One of the latest means of generating business leads is business to business or B2B lead generation process. This is the widely used lead generation process in the preset era of online business. The concept of Business to Business lead generation is quite simple and it does not involve any kind of rocket science. Because of its user-friendliness it is welcomed by most of the online entrepreneurs throughout the world. For ages we have been taught that if we have money then only we can do advertisement for our online businesses. Yes, it is well said and this statement exceptionally runs in accordance with the traditional businesses. However, where do those entrepreneurs go who do not have pots of money? Everybody has right to start his own business in this democratic world. Such kind of dilemma stays away from the road of online businesses. Even if you do not have money you can initiate advertising campaigns in a small way. This is where the concept of B2B comes into the picture.

    B2B refers to the network of online retailers having their websites. Suppose, if you have a website through which you sell your products and services then you can also start placing your ads on the sites of other online retailers. Well, you need not to pay a single penny to these retailers. Amazing right? Yes, it is amazing which leaves you with a gaping mouth. Yes, it is true that you need not to pay a penny to these retailers. Instead of paying money to these retailers you will have to allow these retailers’ sites to place their own ads on your portal. It is just like exchanging the advertisement space between two retailers where there is no financial transaction.

    How does B2B can earn money to you if there is no financial transaction between two online retailers? Business to Business lead generation lets you earn money when you receive a sale from your affiliated website which belongs to another retailer. Similarly, this retailer also earns money when he receives a sale from your website. The main motive of retailer is to generate sale and this is what B2B does for you. The most obvious advantage of B2B is zero investment for its implementation. So, wake up and gear up your online retail business with the boon of business to business lead generation methodology.



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