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    ASP is Microsoft’s server-side scripting technology. Scripts written in JScript or VBScript are embedded into HTML pages and perform some task before the web page is delivered to the end user. Many dynamic websites are built using some kind of server-side scripting such as ASP.

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    ASP (Active Server Pages)

    ASP stands for “Active Server Pages” and is a language that is used for creating web applications, specially the applications that keep changing. Thinkbiz Soltuions is one such platform that will offer you the best ASP support for websites.

    ASP or “Active Server Pages” is a language that is used for creating web applications, specially the applications that keep changing. One can say that active server page allows interactive web pages. One of the first scripting languages introduced in the Internet field when all other organizations were looking for ways to improve the web experience was the ASP. Since, then the concept of ASP has been doing quite well and till date large number of websites use active server pages. Although, these websites were designed long time back but till date there is no reason to change them. People feel that working of ASP is difficult but this is not the case, as ASP works selectively forming the HTML following the rules that are coded by the programmer. It is simple and means that an asp page will contain HTML code along with the ASP code that tells how the HTML needs to be formed, as the user is making a request based on few parameters. It is the complex control sequences and database connectivity that are built into active server pages and provides extreme flexibility to the programmers.

    With the advent of technology, one can say that ASP is not preferred these days or probably is not used by large number of people for development of the new applications. Although ASP is not used but there are still large number of web applications that are currently running and are scripted on ASP. For those who think that it is difficult to find the hosting companies that offer the ASP support for websites should browse through TBS Infotech

    TBS Infotech is one such platform that offers the best ASP support for websites. If your websites fall under the category of dynamic, data-driven website, then ASP support is perfect for your websites.

    So, just don’t have wrong concepts in your mind related to ASP, rather know the actual concept.



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