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IP address

The given below articles answers questions like what does IP address stand for? How can one hide the IP address? How can IP address help in tracing?

IP address stands for the Internet Protocol and it is a numeric (number) identification assigned to the devices that participate in a computer network using the IP for communication between its devices (nodes). The IP address is always stored in the form of binary numbers, but it is exhibited in readable notions from a person's perspective. An important characteristic of an IP address is that it is unique and recalls computer on a network. When it comes to the looks of the IP address, then one can simply identify it because of its typical pattern of four numbers that are separated by periods, known as dotted-quad.

How IP address can help in tracing

Though Internet business has many advantages, but one should not forget that just like anything it has also its own pros and cons. The internet has also certain disadvantages. Sometimes, people misuse the Internet and can be traced through the IP address. It is the IP address that can be used to locate the region/country from where the PC is connected to the Internet, as every Internet service provider is given an IP address.

How to hide your IP address

For those who want to mask their identity on the Internet need a new IP address and this can be done by self. One cannot change the setting in the control panel to change the IP address, as this can be done through software. It is the software that will mask your IP address take the IP address to another place. This software can be installed in approximately five minutes and can be done by self. There are a number of organizations that offer such kind of software that help in making the IP address.

For those who are willing to maintain Internet privacy can hide their IP address in just a time span of five minutes and keep their identity protected.

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