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Passed Away! Google Keyword Tool And Keyword Planner Gets Half-Hearted Welcome

Google keyword tool is officially passed away, but not quite cuddled for the SEM world. The whole new SEM world is now introduces with completely a new keyword planner. Yesterday, new keyword planner officially replaces keyword tool. However, there has been a huge difference in term of tweets and updates on social networking sites. Checking out tweets, 7 days earlier, keyword tool gained a sentiment score of 59 than keyword planner just 45.

To access the Planner, users have to login to an AdWords account. This is a innovative scenario in the entire SEM world. This new Planner is quite different than a conventional keyword tool. The new keyword planner is considered as a significant and versatile platform to boost up SEO campaign. Moreover, integrated PPC tool or keyword planner plays a vital role in establishing a strong statement to support or pay attention to PPC advertisers rather than organic search marketers. New keyword planner focus on PPC ads as one has to login to an AdWords account to utilize the planner.

For search volume, the planner has no match type data, no local vs global monthly searches, and no device targeting as well. But, the advanced tool is introduced with an extensive features including ability to bundle geographic regions, and more geographic segmentation to help ad planners and local SEOs drill down to get keyword search volume data. It is quite applicable to local and hyper-local SEO to attain a better idea of the volume in the best possible manner.

In order to introduce a PPC focused feature the planner divides keywords up into recommended ad groups. But, you will not get any insight into which keyword Goggle consider to be topically/semantically related. Users can explore combinations of words from different lists with the availability of multiply keyword lists feature. One can even filter out keywords within the shortest time possible.

Goggle Keyword Planner also has some limitations as it does not allow to select Broad, Phrase or Exact matchonly exact match data is provided to users. It is not suitable for researching trending topics as you can calculate average monthly searches over 12 months.

Moreover, the Goggle Keyword Planner is considered as an alternative and relevant tools for keyword volume.

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