Guidelines For SEO Content Writing

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Guidelines For SEO Content Writing

For any business or website, content plays a very important role in driving huge traffic, to grab the visitors' attention, to generate higher revenue and a lot more. So, it is very essential to develop informative as well as engaging content for the audience. Here are some valuable tips for content writing that you must consider before developing any content.

Web Content

Web content comprises of the aural, visual and textual content that helps entrepreneurs to attract huge traffic, to engage customers and to grow their business. Therefore, it is necessary to publish high quality and engaging content on the website.

  • Informative Content: Do extensive research about the industry before starting website content. You can easily set up your marketing materials with good research. As well, there will be a great chance to capture quality leads or sales.
  • Include Keyword-rich phrases: In the content, you must include relevant keyword-rich phrases so that search engines and visitors can know about your post. But you must also take care of keyword stuffing to avoid search engine penalties.
  • Divide Your Content Into Small Chunks: Try to break up your content into small chunks with subheadings so that the users can easily get the main idea.


An article, a written work published in an electronic or print media, is written around with the targeted keywords. Here are some fruitful tips that must follow in article writing.

  • Use Simple Language: When you are going to write an article, you should use simple language always. If you use a complex language structure or complex words in your content, people will not understand your idea easily.
  • Don't do Keyword Stuffing: The inclusion of keywords in the content is very essential to acquire high ranking in Search engines. But your keyword density in the whole article should be 2% to 3% only.
  • Always Develop Unique Content: To acquire higher ranking in search engines, you should always write unique and informative article.

Press Release

A press release is basically an announcement of scheduled events, launch of new products, awards, sales accomplishment etc. written by public relations professionals. To write press releases, you must consider many factors including objective, target audience, key message etc.

  • Include Key Information: In the press release, there should be key information about the company or services like who, when, what, where, why and how.
  • Proofread Your Press Release: Press release is the first impression of a company. So, you must proofread it before sending for publishing.


Blog or weblog is just like an online personal journal that is an ideal destination to express thoughts, opinions and passions of an individual. In blogs, you can focus on any particular topic like home staging, mobile technology, electronics etc

  • Inclusion of Right Keywords: In search engine optimization, blogs are considered as the powerful tool. You should use right keyword phrases in your blog posts so that searchers can find you easily.
  • Write Eye-catching Blogs: To grab the attention of readers, you must prepare unique and engaging content for the readers.

Social Media

Social Media is a term used collectively for online communication channels that enable their users to share their opinions, information, interests, knowledge with others.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that allows its users to connect with their friends and family in all over the world. As an entrepreneur, you can also connect with your partners, clients, customers etc. You must follow below mentioned tips when you write content for this largest social media site.

  • Try to keep your posts short and punchy
  • Use Call to action
  • Always write engaging content


Twitter, an online micro-blogging and social networking site, permits its registered users to post tweets with 140 character limit. With this social media site, you can get significant traffic by sharing quality content.

  • Know Your Target Audience: Have a great time to understand your audience interests, needs, sense of humor etc. Thereafter, write your content accordingly.
  • Keep Your Headline Short: Always keep your content shorter than 140 characters. This way, you can get instant attention from your followers.


Google+, a social networking website operated by Google Inc., is integrated with many Google applications like Google Maps, Gmail and Google Calendar. With this site, an entrepreneur can increase his credibility, exposure and traffic to the site.

  • Write An Attractive short headline to engage your audience.
  • Develop the First Sentence Teaser so that people click on 'Read more'.
  • Use relevant keywords in your posts


LinkedIn is one of the leading online professional directory of various companies and individuals. It is a very enhanced tool to connect with professionals, entrepreneurs etc.

  • Know your audience: LinkedIn is a professional network that comprises of entry level individuals, entrepreneurs and executives. Therefore, your conversation should be on the professional field.
  • Write Eye-catching Headline: To draw attention of the readers, always write a great headline.


Classified ads are basically short advertisements in newspapers, websites or magazines. They are just like an advertisement which can be published by anyone to promote his services/products.

  • Use the right keyword to describe your website or products
  • Always write interesting, attention grabbing, compelling, desirable and stimulating content
  • Don't use acronyms and abbreviation in your ads

Directory Submission

Directory submission is a method of submitting a website's URL, address and description to other online web directory. It is the best way to enhance backlinks as well as get higher ranking in search engines.

  • Usage of Anchor Text: Use keyword as anchor text in your content for increasing the link popularity.
  • Use generic search and keyword rich phrases in your title.


Bookmarking is an ideal way to manage, organize, search and store resources bookmarks over the web. When it comes to backlinking, it can be very useful.

  • Write Unique and High Quality Content: Always write interesting and excellent quality content for the social bookmarking websites.
  • Develop good and grammatically correct content: To grab the attention of the visitors, you must write content grammatically correct and error free.

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