Shutdown for .gov SEO

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What is Meant By Government Shutdown for .gov SEO?

Today, every news channel and newspaper is flooded with the news of a partial government shutdown in the United States and this shutdown is affecting lots of industries and companies. Many informational websites run by the government have also been shut down and displaying a message that due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available. They sincerely regret this inconvenience. But these websites will again available to US citizens soon when the government will start up again.
As we are aware of that most of Americans use search for attaining government information. So websites will not power up after the shutdown as they need to be indexed and achieving higher ranking in major search engines such as Google and Bing. The government websites have been shut down in two ways :-

The both scenario will result the same outcome – the URL will remain indexed, but the contents of the site will be unavailable message. With the lack of relevant content on websites, the pages of the website will be recrawled and it may possible that they may affect on ranking for some queries. It's fine that the websites will not be available during US shutdown. But when it is over, sites will be accessible to US citizens once again and it will take lots of time in recrawling the pages and attaining high ranking back by the search engines.

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