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Third Party “Review Extensions” Roll Out From All Google Adwords Accounts

Google has introduced the beta release of Review Extensions in the June month wherein the advertisers can append of endorsement from a renowned publication in their advertisement of Google AdWords. Recently, it has started rolling out from accounts of Google AdWords.

When you open your account, you can find the option of Review Extensions under the Ad extensions tab in the next few days. The endorsement, you include in your Google ads, can be an exact quote or a paraphrased review of the publication. However, it may take some days to approve. Once it gets approval, you can start using it in Google ads. By setting up Review Extensions, you can get great exposure and flexibility at the campaign level. Although you have option to submit more than one review, yet the first approved review will run only with ads. What's more, these extensions will get more priority as compared to ad group level extensions. Therefore, these extensions will be reviewed more speedily.

If you are creating extensions reviews, then you should more focus on your business in lieu of a particular service or product. Similarly, the starred reviews for e-commerce merchandisers are seller reviews instead of individual product blurbs. These extensions have specifically designed to be aware of potential customers how a renowned third party source views your business or service. They are the best resources for merchants in order to make their AdWords ads stand out a little more in today's highly competitive world like Google AdWords. Always keep in the mind that you haven't used similar review in both review extension or the ad text for an ad campaign or ad group otherwise it will appear twice in the same ad. As per the policy of the company, every review ought come from the renowned third party source only.

To set up review extensions in your account, you should contact renowned Indian SEO Companies. These companies will create them according to their policies so that they can pass the approval process in a very short time period. SEO India will understand your requirements and business and will work accordingly. So contact them today!


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