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New Benchmark Reports are Back in Google Analytics

Now, the users of Google Analytics can easily compare their results with the industry rivals by selecting 1250 markets, 7 size buckets and 1600 industry categories. Recently, it has been announced by Google Analytics that it will be rolled out in the next few weeks and will facilitate the users to compare the results as per engagement metrics and industry standard acquisition. In the new benchmark report, it will show engagement metrics and acquisition such as bounce rate and sessions by location, channel or device category dimensions. With a helpful heat map feature, you can easily see the areas of opportunity and strength as well as where to devote more resources.

If you want to access these reports, then you have to just go to Audience → Benchmarking in the left navigation of reporting section. And you will get the benchmarking data for each value for the following dimensions including:

Moreover, you can compare data against benchmarks for the metrics like % New Sessions, Pages/ session, Bounce Rate, Avg. Session Duration, Sessions (i.e. number of sessions) etc. It is a great way to compare the company's performance with the industry rivals. To enable a benchmark account, you have to just sign in your Google Analytics Account and thereafter, you should click Admin at the top of any Google Analytics screen. Afterwards, under account, just click Account settings and select the checkbox 'Anonymously with Google and others' & then just save it.

A renowned vacation rental company has also claimed that the benchmark reports has assisted the company a lot in enhancing email marketing efforts. It has also claimed that the email marketing average open rate of the company has jumped to 48% and earned a 40% click through rate after learning from the reports. With these reports, they easily reallocated budget, time and resources which are running down towards the deficiency. Therefore, if you want to achieve your monthly targets, then you should set up this account today!

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