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Hummingbird Algorithm: Changes the link Building Process

Google has launched a new algorithm Hummingbird a few months ago. This algorithm is introduced to create a finer distillation of its entire newer ranking factor. In other words, it is designed to make the Google smarter and faster than ever before. The biggest change that the hummingbird has introduced with the Google search’s ability to provide Q & A style search forum for certain queries. This algorithm is best for conversational searches. This means that people will get the exact answer of their queries in a quick and easy manner.

Most of the SEO companies have a question that did Hummingbird kill link building?

The answer is “No”. Link building is still alive. However, its definition is surely changed. With the introducing of Hummingbird algorithm, tricking the Google becomes impossible. Now link building need to be focused on providing significant values to users. You can build excellent links by following some rigid steps which include:-

Along with the above mentioned points, there are various other technical aspects that you should take care of for excellent link building.

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