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Google's “Search By Image” Feature Not Functioning

The “Search by Image” feature of Google is not currently working for many people. This feature enables an individual to capture an image from their devices like computers, tablets or laptops etc. or plug in an image source URL into the images of Google. Then, the search engine Google will return back relevant images along with web pages containing information related to image. This great feature has introduced in the year June 2011 and there is a pretty big hit since then. It is compatible with many browsers like Firfox 3.0+, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+ and Safari 5.0+. To upload image, you have to download a browser extension in order to search on the Internet by simple right click on the image. Afterwards, change the extension settings so that the icon of a camera may appear when hovering on the image. Thereafter, you can simply click on the icon of the camera and search by the image.

It is the best resource when the content is showing up in other places on the internet. As the result, you will get optimal results for paintings or popular landmarks. You can easily initiate a search on Google and can find the pictures of art pieces, places etc. In other words, this feature will enable you to do a reverse image search and find the relevant content related to an image. At present, it has found that the feature is being sent away when many searchers try to use it. If you attempt to upload an image, there will be displayed a message by Google that the image must be in one of the following formats: .GIF, .JPG, .Bmp, .png, .webp or .tif. If you upload an image in these formats even, you will see this message too. In the Google Forums, a spokesperson had responded to these complaints recently that they are aware of this issue and it is working on a fix currently. Soon, things will be back to normal.

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