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Google Stopped Showing Authorship in Search Engine Result Page

The major search engine Google has recently announced that now the names of the authors will not display in search engines result page. This great experiment has come to end now after three years. Now, there will be no tracking data from the content using markup rel=author. When the company started it some years ago, it seemed very complicated process. But the process became easier by using a markup rel=”author” in posts. It was launched with a vision to enable writers for claiming their content as well as gaining followers by showing the work of author in SERPs. Apart from this, there is also an Author Rank Feature that assists users to separate useless information by scoring the author's reputation in terms of sharing great information.

After a three-year experiment, Google found that it wasn't much good for the readers because it had believed and posed even a distraction. This has been updated by Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller in one of his Google+ posts. Therefore, there is no surprise then, Google has decided to stop this feature as of now. However, there will be expanded and continuous support by the company to the structured markup like This markup assists all the search engines to know the context and content of pages over the internet. There will be continuous support by the company to display rich snippets in SERPs.

Nevertheless, the search users can still able to see Google+ posts from pages as well as friends as relevant to the query – both in the right-hand side and in the main results. The change of authorship will not impact on these social features. Besides, Google will also continue to expand and to improve the set of free tools for the webmasters so that they can easily optimize their sites. Apart from this, you can drive massive traffic for your website by hiring Best Seo Firms that will provide you robust solutions for your business.

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