Google Panda Update 4.1

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A Bigger Update ever:-Panda 4.1 — Google’s 27th Panda Update — is Rolling Out!!

After a Panda 4.0 (indentify or prevents the websites having low quality content in the top result pages), Google has come up with new update, that is 4.1. This is quiet modified than the earlier one. It is proved as a filter for the poor or emaciated contents. In a post on Google Plus, it is given that within this week slow rollouts comes up with the execution and still remain for next week as well. With such a beginning, search queries will be affected 3%-5%, said by Google.

Is this quite innovative and defined release than a previous one?

Unlike 4.0 Release, Panda 4.1 is definitely more accurate and precise, although. For small and medium sized websites, a release sounds more accountable and effective, also allows accelerating quality. (Note: - The distinctness of both releases is based on the feedback of the webmasters and other adepts of the industry. However, this is impressive and a positive call for the webmasters or users.)

What is Google Panda- Rollout is all about?

It must be striking, what is rollout? It is a platform to re-emerge again! Previous release was made to identify and penalize website of poor quality contents. Comparatively, 4.1 Release has come up with the new signals and modifications for webmasters. For high ranks and increase in traffic, correct alterations are just required.

An alarming situation and new opportunity knocking altogether!

Those websites did not come across with the impact of Panda 4.0 now suppose to be affected with the recent Panda 4.1 update. This latest update may drop down the traffic this week or forth coming days from Google. This can be a reason to blame Google.

Apparently, the websites get affected with a previous update will rollout now. Any penalized sites by Panda get an opportunity or a second chance to make the correct changes as per the algorithm. If right alterations are made, within the end of a week webmasters can see maximized traffic in the top results page of Google.

So, this is a right time to emerge and increase traffic by doing appropriate changes!

Role of Absolute Ranking towards the Release

Being a responsible firm, we follow every algorithm and do the job accurately. We majorly focus on producing high quality content over a site, that higher traffic and ranks on SERP. Absolute Ranking is always keep updated with Google’s algorithm and presently till with 27th update (Panda 4.1)

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