Google Introduced Panda 4.0

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Google Introduced Panda 4.0 to Punish Low Quality Websites

The head of Google's Webspam Team, Matt Cutts, has recently announced in a tweet about new version 4.0 of Google Panda. This algorithm has designed for preventing websites with low quality website content in order to achieve higher website ranking in search results. Although Google Panda is refreshed once in a month, but it is considered as the major update than ever.

The intention of Google updates is similar as previous updates. It is a great attempt to discriminate against those web pages that publish useless, thin or duplicate content only to drive a huge amount of traffic to the website through Google. The only purpose of Google is to provide excellent quality web pages to the readers as well as to hide low quality sites' results. In Google Panda 4.0 Update, there are mainly two key things to focus in order to get advantage from business. You should focus on:

Panda Focuses on Quality and Fresh Content

The Internet dominant Google had released a Panda algorithm with an aim not to show low-quality websites in the search engine results which contain copied or scrapped content. And 4.0 version has released in this continuation. This new update emphasizes the requirement of posting high quality content on the frequent basis rather than just changing a product page.

In the first step, you should have an official blog on your site allowing you to publish content. But you should share new content regularly. As well, you should ensure that your content is relevant, unique and engaging for both consumers and search engines. In this regard, you can publish relevant and excellent quality content such as videos, how-to articles, lists and other stuff related to your industry on your business blog.

Well-designed Online Portals Matter to Google

As all of us aware that the published content plays a significant role in making a quality website. However, everybody should focus on other factors as well. When we talk about search engine optimization today, quality refers to the user experience entirely like site navigation and structure, user-friendly Meta data and content, a mobile-optimized site etc. All these factors are very effective to get indexed a site in the search engine and driving relevant audience. There is no need to worry if your web portal has designed all these elements. But if not, it will be more difficult for you to drive more visitors from Google.

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