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Google Maps Rolled Out Turn-by-turn Navigation to More Countries

Now, Google Maps can suggest more people turning left or right at the next intersection with navigation feature. This feature has reached in 20 countries more. However, this turn by turn navigation expansion is now available to Caribbean, African and South American nations along with Nepal and Sri Lanka in Asia. Today, the total count is reached to 104 countries. Recently, the major search engine Google has announced that they are going to start a support to a whole host of new nations for the most-used navigation tool on smartphone – Google Maps.

This navigation feature is free to get directions to walking, driving and biking in many countries. However, it is available in Beta mode right now. But it can be accessible in various countries including Malawi, Jamaica, Fiji, Botswana, Bolivia, Bahamas, Angola, Namibia, Tobago, Tanzania, Nepal, Tobago, Malata and a lot more. Now, the users of Android (and iOS) in these countries can get turn by turn spoken directions absolutely free in the app of Google Maps. But you should make sure whether your latest version of app on your smartphone or not. The free navigation instructions given by Google Maps may be accurate but it may be possible some errors. Therefore, you should not much depend on this app. This new feature is available at android devices running various versions of Google Maps. If you have older version in your phone, then it is suggested to upgrade the Google Maps. This upgrade can easily be get started by upgrading My Maps. To access this feature, you have to just open new My Maps and thereafter, you have to click on upgrade classic My Maps and just have to follow some simple instructions.

Apart from this, there are Voice Action shortcuts too that would permit the users navigate a destination without entering a single word on the gadget. For this, you have to just touch a microphone icon of your home screen saying “Navigate to (Your intended destination) and thereafter wait for the Navigation app to launch and let you know about turn-by-turn directions of your destination.

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