Demystifying Dynamic Search Results

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Demystifying Dynamic Search Results Page of Google

SERP or Search Engine Results Page is pretty difficult to keep up as Google, the major Internet dominant has multiple SERPs. It has a few elements appearing in the search engine if your search is considered particularly local or shopping-oriented or if Google reckons that it has a direct answer. Here are some particular elements:-

Google Local Carousel
If you are searching something near to your place, then you will likely to search through Google “Local Carousel” bringing back matches drawn from its Google+ local information. It may be challenging for you to jump out these matches as well as over to the actual sites of some specific places. In local carousel, you will get direct answers along with locations, hours and other business information. Therefore, you will never think to leave Google.

Google Ads
If you are searching for self driving cars in search engine, then there will appear many ads when you search. This is known as Google Adwords that is a great resource of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on major search engines. These ads are basically on PPC/CPC basis.

Ads Related to Shopping
While searching things for shopping related, you will receive advertisements back from top shopping merchants. To show results in these listings, an advertiser has to purchase PLAs or Product listing ads.

Music and Song Carousel
For Music results, Google has offered results in the box of Knowledge Graph Box with the right-side of the page. If you are searching for any music artist followed by the word “songs” like “Green Day songs” or “U2 songs”, then you will get a long list of relevant songs. Thereafter, if you click on one of them, then it will jump you to their official videos posted on YouTube.

Direct Answers By Google
The major search engine Google has offered direct answers to the queries like package tracking, temperatures and many more queries.

Results for Images
Over the years, Google, Internet dominant search engine, has shown results from the vertical search engines of Google like Google News or Google Images when considered appropriate. For Google images, they are the best examples. You will also see the pictures of people who have written web pages or articles.

Google sitelinks were basically the small listings to other pages within a website appearing below the main listing. For the years, these listings have been expanded with descriptions of those pages containing information about a business listed and many more.

Results of Videos
Across the web, Google also blends in results of videos from video websites just like Google images. But it mainly shows the results from YouTube only. However, Google does not provide any preference to YouTube, but there are so many videos on the site. Apart from this, it blends in local results and Google maps. They are sometimes called the 7-pack because it appears seven large listings.

Knowledge Graph Box
The knowledge graph box of Google provides the factual information related to places, people and things. Therein, the basic facts are shown often and sometimes, it will display the information from Google+.

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