RSS/Atom Feeds vs. XML Sitemaps

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RSS/Atom Feeds vs. XML Sitemaps – Both are Best for Optimal Crawling

In website optimization, it is very important to submit sitemaps in search engines. By doing so, search engines can quickly discover all the WebPages of a site as well as to download them in the quick manner if there are any modifications in the site. Webmasters ever get confused whether they should setup Atom/RSS Feeds or submit sitemaps to tell search engines about the website content. Google recommends using both. Let's see how to use and optimize them for Google.

RSS feeds and Sitemaps

RSS, XML sitemaps and Atom are some formats of sitemaps. The main difference amongst them is that

Atom/RSS feeds describe recent changes and on the other hand, XML sitemaps tell the whole URLs set within a site. Also, there are some important implications such as:

According to Google, XML sitemaps and RSS feeds are best for optimal crawling. Sitemaps will provide all the information of pages of a site to Google and RSS feeds will give all the updates of the website and will assist Google to keep updated your content in the index. However, submission of both don't take guarantee the URL indexing.

Simply put Atom/RSS feeds and XML sitemaps are the best way to optimize a site crawling for the most popular search engine – Google and other engines. In these files, the main information is the Canonical URL and the last modification pages time with the site. Setting them in proper way and notifying Google and other sites via sitemaps and pings will permit you to crawl optimally as well as to represent in SERPs accordingly. Contact the well reputed Indian SEO Company today to create them for your web portals!

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