25% to 30% Duplicate Web Content is ok

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25% to 30% Duplicate Web Content is Okay: Says Matt Cutts

The head of search spam Google, Matt Cutts, has recently shared his views related to duplicate content and its outcome in the search results of Google. He said that around 25 percent to 30 percent is duplicate. Over the web, there is over one-quarter content on all the web pages is duplicative and repetitive. But there is no need to worry about it said by Matt Cutts. The major Internet dominant, Google doesn't recognize this type of content as spam. But it is again true fact that it shows only one of those pages in the result page and this is just like a penalty if your content has not listed on their search results. But actually, it is not penalized. In fact, major search engine Google retrieves all the duplicate content and collects them into a cluster. Thereafter, it shows the best results in that cluster. He also tells how Google takes care of duplicate content when it affects your search rankings.

For the webmasters, duplicate content has always been a very big concern. Whenever a site steals the content of another website or they are not sure that they have unique and best quality content on the portal, then it is a big problem for being duplicated out of the Google index. Matt Cutts said that Google has a right to penalize a website which contains excessive duplicate content. However, duplicate content is normal and not considered as spam.

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